We are designers, consultants, artists and visionaries who innovate, collaborate, and together create inspiring and resourceful products for your business.


LUKE JEFFERY / Operations Manager

CHELSEA JEFFERY / Senior Designer


BEN KAHLE / Project Manager





Green Root Design began as a love story between an artist and an entrepreneur. Chelsea, the talented artist, did not know how to market herself or manage her clients, but Luke, the entrepreneur, saw her potential. He knew that if they combined their strengths, they would make an unstoppable team. So he figured that marrying her would be the best way to go about this. As they worked together, they realized that this dream was bigger than just the two of them, so they began to seek out other talented creatives. This marked the beginning of a collaborative company called Green Root Design that now employs the power of creativity to make winning design for clients across the world.

Green Root was responsive and really took the time to understand my needs. They got it better than I did! They designed and produced a great cover for my new book (The Perfect Investment). I have received many compliments on it. They did such a great job that I had them redesign the cover of my previous real estate book. I thought I was happy with it until I saw the new one. Contact Green Root Design… you really won’t regret it!
— Paul Moore, Wellings Capital